mppt solar charge controller pdf 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Product Details


*MPPT Technology
*Peak Conversion Efficiency : 97%
*High Tracking Efficiency : 99%
*Several Seconds Tracking speed
*4 stage charging and PWM output
*Nature Convection Cooling
*Full power output in ambient temperature up to 45 degree
*Temperature compensation
*Sealed,Gel ,Flood battery type option
*Widly used , Automatic recogized day/night
*RJ45 interface and optional remote LCD Display
*2 Year Warranty


*Overall Size :242x169x91mm
*Net Weight : 2.0kgs 
*Rated Battery Current : 30A   
*Rated Load Current : 20A
*Max. PV open circuit voltage : 150V 
*Maximum Battery Voltage: 32V 
*Max. PV input power :390W (12V) /780W (24V)
*Self-consumption :<=10mA(24V)
*Temp. compensation:-30mV/℃/12V(25℃)
*Full power output up to 45 ℃ 
*Ambient Temp. Range : -35℃~+55℃ 
*Storage Temp. Range :-35℃~+80℃