solar energy at home 300W Solar Home Use System

Product Details


* Portable Solar Home Use System with 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
* Can use to power LED Lamp , TV , Fan, DVD ,Computer etc.. 
* With 65Ah/12V Maintainance Free Lead Acid Battery inside
* With UPS Function ,when connect with AC Power ,it will use AC Power first and switch to DC Power once AC Power been cut off 
* With Digital LCD+LED Display for the whole systems
* Can be Charged Both by Solar and AC Power
* When Extrnal Battery connector , can connct with battery outside to make the working time longer 
* OEM Acceptable for the customer 
* Wit 1 Year Warranty


* Solar Panel : High Efficiency Mono Crystalline Solar Panel @100W/18V
* Inverter : 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
* Battery : 65Ah/12V Lead Acid Battery 
* Output : 2pcs AC Output 
2pcs USB 5V DC Output
4pcs DC 12V Conector for Lighting 
* Input : AC Charging Input and Solar Charging Input
* Display : LED Indicator for the Battery Condition
LCD Display to show the working situation for the system 
* External Battery @ Max.200Ah/12V 
* Weight : 19Kgs
* Warranty: 1 Year