solar panel light kit 20W Solar DC Lighting Kit

Product Details


*Green power system,powered by Solar energy
*Portable fashion, plug and play design ,very easy for using
*Lighting and Mobile phone charging function
*4pcs Super bright LED Lamp , with more than 10 years self life 
*With switch on each lamp , and turn on and off easily for energy saving
*Perfect for remote area ,island areaor where short of electricty ,used as lighting and mobile charging
*Perfect for using as a Emergency Lighting power sourcing , any place can work just with sunlight
*Perfect for camping with the portable design


*20W Solar DC Lighting Kit , each set contents :

-1pc 20W Solar Panel with 5M cable
-1pc portable system box with 12Ah/12V battery inside
-1pc 12V/3A Solar Charge controller integrated in the system box
-4pcs Super Bright LED Lamps with 5 meter cable with switch for each lamp
-10 in 1 mobile charging adapter

*Output Interface on system box :

-2pc 5V USB Port
-4pcs 12V Port

*Charging time : 10 hours under full sunlight
*Working time :8 hours for 4pcs LED Light after full charged