off the grid power kits 120W Folding Panel Kit

Product Details


*High Efficiency Solar Panel 
*Portable Design 
*digital controller integrated well , just plug and play
*with hand bag ,convenient for carrying
*With stand leg , which can adjust the angle to get biggest out put of the panel 
*5 meter connected cable for convenient use
*Plastic protection corner to guarantee the safety when customer use it
*Perfect charger for home use
*Perfect charger for Camping and RV markets
*MPPT Controller ,Water Proof Controller are optional for customers


*Panel Size : 810*534*70mm 
*Net Weight :13.0Kgs
*Electric spec. : Pm: 120W+/-5% , Vm: 18.0V ,Im:6.67A , Voc.:21.6V, Isc: 7.2A 

*Components : 

--60W Solar Panel X 2pcs ,folding together 
--10A Charge Controller ,integrate on back side
--5meter Connected Cable with battery clip 
--Supporting leg 
--hand bag 
--Protection corner

*Optional Components 

--MTTP Controller/Water Proof Controller
--Anderson Plug